AC pipes is not a new material either in its components or in its application.

The materials has been available for 80 years. The wealth of knowledge in AC pipes includes their worldwide use and the international exchange of experience practiced from the start.

AC pipes therefore belong to the group of long-tried pipes materials.


Aramit pipes for rainwater, drain water, soil, irrigation and Chimney ( Advance Stove ) application involve several equally important requirements, so that the decision depends not on a single properly but rather on the good balance of all characteristics of the material and the overall efficiency of the pipe. Thus there are pipe materials which are superior to A.C. in certain single properties and perform extremely well in a specific way. But in most cases this single top properties are associated with a marked weakness in some other respect. In A.C., however, one of the strong points is the technological and economic balance of properties and performance. Take strength, corrosion resistance, weight, durability, and economy, all these factors are matched up in a well-balanced, almost optimal pattern. There are no super properties at the cost of others, as is the case with many competing materials such as earthenware, with its disparity between corrosion resistance and strength; or steel, with its disparity between strength and corrosion resistance; or concrete with its disparity between strength and weight. Therefore, the Aramit pipes is a most reliable pipe suitable for mass application in many fields.