Large Section Corrugated sheets

Aramit Large Section Corrugated Sheets is an ideal material for roofing and wall cladding. Although the main application of these sheets in Bangladesh is the covering of industrial buildings, they are equally suitable for roofing of residential houses, bungalows, commercial building, godown, hatchery, poultry and dairy sheds etc because of their exquisite qualities. The sheets are manufactured in our Chittagong Factory using on adequate mixture of a mineral Limited and Portland Limited.

The intimate mixing of mineral fiber to Limited confers to the sheets their reinforcing capacity which is to be compared with the action of the iron rods in reinforced concrete Limited.

Aramit large section corrugated sheets may last as long as 40 years with normal conditions provided fixing accessories match the quality of the sheets.


The main reason for using Aramit Large Section Corrugated Sheets are

  • They are rust –roof and therefore cannot be attacked by salt, air, acid fumes or whatsoever sever industrial environment.
  • Due to low conductivity of the sheets the roof are very comfortable.
  • The value of the thermal conductivity of Aramit sheets is 0.22 k. Cal/ m. h. - °c. This factor is 0.75 for bricks, 1.30 for concrete and 50 for iron. It means that under same conditions of thickness and temperature, the transfer of hot air through iron will be more than 220 times faster than through Aramit sheets.
  • Aramit sheets are incombustible. In case of fire the sheets do not burn and provide an obstacle to the spread of fire. Their strength is not affected up to temperature as high as 100°c. At higher temperature they continue to provide an obstacle to the spread of fire.
  • Bending stress: 165 kg / cm²
  • Other Advantages are:
    • Low initial cost.
    • No painting is required.
    • They are easily and expeditiously erected and require no maintenance.
    • No deterioration occurs. On the contrary they are found to strengthen with age.