1 . Two piece close fitting adjustable ridges.

These item which are commonly required for most of the roofs are designed to close the gap between two opposite slopes of roof irrespective of the angle of slopes.

The ridge purlins should be arranged so that the bolts securing the sheets fix also the ridge piece at a distance not less than 50 mm (2”) from its end.

2. Barge Board
Barge Boards are required for closing the junction of roof and wall.

3.Ridge Finial
Two piece adjustable ridge finial provides a neat efficient closure to ridge piece at apex.

Synthesis illustrating use of close fitting ridge, ridge finial and barge board.

4. Corner Piece
These piece are required to close gap at the junction of two walls at right angle.

5. Expansion Joint Cover Piece
In long continuous stretches of roof, sheeting is to be interrupted every 30 m.

6. One Piece Ridge Cap
If for any reason the standard two piece close fitting adjustable ridges cannot be used, a one piece ridge cap may be manufactured on request and as per exact characteristics of the roof.

7. Louvres
For controlling penetration of sun rays and correct adjustment